Romania wins silver and bronze medals at the Aerobics World Championships

The Aerobics World Championships that was held this year was a sucess for Romanians. Several Romanian gymnasts have won two silver medals and also two bronze medals.

The bronze medal was secured with 28 points. Romania has beaten Russia and South Korea. As well, the silver medal was won by Andreea Bogati and Dacian Nicolae Barna. The team has participated in the mixed pairs category and has won 22.050 points. They were beaten by Italy and Hungary.

The second silver medal was secured by Andreaa Bogati, Dacian Nicolae Barna, Gabriel Bocser, marian Brotei and Mihai Alin Popa with 22.222 points. They have managed to beat Russia, however they lost to China.

Sandra Dinca, Isabela Dumitrascu, Madalina Constantina Cioveie, Ioana Andreea Darie Cristina Nedelcu, Steliana Stoenece, Flavia Sentea and Denisa Ganea have won the second bronze medal with 17,900 points. They were beaten by South Korea and China.







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