Steluta Duta wins the bronze medal at the Women’s European Boxing Championships

Romanian women have been having good results at sports lately. Steluta Duta has recently won the bronze medal at the Feminin Boxing European Championships. Steluta has managed to beat Ayse Caigir from Turkey with 4-0.

Ms Duta has been an European champion in 2006, 2007 and 2014 and she has also won the bronze medal three times in 2005,2009 and 2011. She will also play again in the semifinals with Sevda Iulianova Asenova from Turkey. Other Romanian sportswomen have also had good results. Claudia Nechita has qualified in the 51 kg finals after beatign Roberta Mostarda from Italy with 5-0. She will later meet Buse Naz Cakiroglu from Turkey.

As well, Ionela Nane has beaten Patricia Martin Cabrera from Spain by KO in the 75 kg category. Lauren Louise Price will meet her in the quarter finals.  Women who participate in this competition and get good results might qualify for the European Games in 2019 which will take place in Minsk.

source: agerpres






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