Eibenthal: a Romanian village where there are no thieves

It is hard to believe that honesty and trustworthiness still lives on in some communities. There are places in Japan in the countryside where products are left unattended because people are trusted to leave money in exchange. One such village exists also in Romania.

The village of only 300 is called Eibenthal and it is located in the west of Romania and it is isolated by the Danube. According to euronews.com the village peopulation consists of mainly Czechs. The village is known in the area because its locals do not need to be worried about their money as there are no thieves. This means they leave their money in coloured bags on fences posts when they are waiting for bread delivery.

Euronews has qouted Augustina Pospisil who stated

The car delivering bread comes every two days and I buy 4-5 loaves. I put the exact amount in the bag or I leave a note with how many loaves I want and the driver leaves the change.

In 15 years since she has done this the money never dissapeared and she has never heard of anyone having any problems. The bread that is delivered comes from Svinita village which is located 20 kilometres away.

Stefan Benedict, one of the locals who has lived there all his life said that he leaves his bag on the fence and goes to work in the field in the morning. When he comes back in the evening he finds the bread and change for the money.

The mayor noted

We take this for granted, we don’t know why that’s a wonder for others. We all know each other here and we were raised in such a way that we know if we need something from somebody, to ask, not to steal.”

source: euronews






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