Top 10 festivals worth going to while in Romania

Romania is a wonderful country to visit as it has medieval towns, amazing landscapes and friendly people. While these alone would make for a great trip, we also recommend that you visit some of the festivals that take place every year. If you love techno music, Christmas markets, food or medieval festivals there is something for everyone. We have comprised several festivals which you can visit every year.


  1. Spotlight festival  Stemming from her passion for light and art, Birgit Zander envisions a different take on the types of art through projecting lights in different shapes and forms on the most iconic buildings in Bucharest (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Știrbei Palace, Romanian Athenaeum, The National Theatre of Bucharest, Bucharest City Hall, The Palace of the Parliament etc.). Tickets can be purchased from their official website.


photo by Octav Dragan



  1. Electric Castle This festival combines electronic music with history and arts in Cluj-Napoca’s Banffy Castle. The atmosphere is magical and fun at the same time, definitely worth a visit. Tickets can be pirchased from their official website.



  1. Untold
    This is another electronic music festival that brings together other genres like techno, house and trance and it is installed in the Central Park in Cluj Napoca,having the main stage at Cluj Arena. It has received the Best Major Award during the 2015 European Festival Awards. Tickets can be purchased from their official website.


  1. Museums Night in Bucharest, Romania On this night, Bucharest comes to life through its concerts and live performances that take place in the George Enescu Museum, Filipescu-Cesianu Memorial House, The Architecture University and the Universitate Square. The Experiments House hosts different interesting experiments that promise to amaze people of all ages. No tickets needed, entrance in the museums is for free for the whole night.



The waiting time is around 15-20 minutes to enter the museum (but it may vary) and the list of the participating museums (and a map with the exact location of the museums) can be found on their website.



  1. Romanian Food Festival If you are looking for delicious traditional food and live folk music, this is the festival for you. It combines food and drinks with the friendliness and hospitality that is well known when you meet a Romanian person. The entrance fee is for the whole weekend and it is 5$ (15LEI) for adults and 3$ (9 LEI) for children (7 years old or older).



  1. Sighisoara Festival of Medieval Arts and Crafts                            When medieval costumes and handmade pottery, jewelry and clothes come together, you get a good time and a memorable 3-days stay in the beautiful Citadel of Sighisoara. Entrance is for free and all you need to bring with you is energy and thirst for history.



  1. The Maiden’s Fair                                                                                          One of the most beautiful Mountain Plateaus in Romania, Gaina, hosts an annual fair which stems from the Century-Old matchmaking festival. The villagers gather for the food, music, dance, but most importantly for finding their true love. Entrance is free of charge, but you are encouraged to try and also buy the delicious traditional food.


  1. Cabbage Festival in Moșna                                                                       When cabbage and Romanian tradition mix together, an amazing tasty festival comes to life. The festival is located in Moșna, which is 1 hour away from Sibiu. You can try different types of dishes that have as a basis freshly harvested cabbage.



  1. Halloween in Transylvania                                                                     Bran is well-known for the infamous Dracula’s Castle, which during Halloween comes to life with different themed parties, games and costume-themed adventures. Entrance is different from one event to the other, but it ranges from 5$ until 15$ for adults and from 3$ until 10$ for children over 7.


  1. Christmas Markets in Romania (Bucharest, Sibiu,Brasov)

The Bucharest Christmas Market is open every year between 1st of December and 25th of December (dates may vary from year to year). It is organized in the Constitution Plaza (Piata Constitutiei), right in front of the Palace of the Parliament. It includes Romanian traditional Christmas food, decorations, treats and most importantly, Santa Claus’ House, which was considered every year to be the main attraction (especially for kids). Free entrance for all ages.


The Sibiu Christmas Market takes place between 16th of November and 4th of January (dates may vary from year to year). The location is filled with mesmerizing history and it used to serve as a General Assembly meeting place and as a sentence-bearing spot, because it is situated in the center of the city.

If you plan to go to any of these festivals and you would like to also enjoy visiting some other places in Romania we recommend the Lonely Planet guide on Romania and Bulgaria( available on Kindle as well):






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