Romanian students won several gold medals at the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad

Romanian students who participated in the Balkan Olympiad have come back home with several medals. Romania’s team has won the competition, beating 18 countries.

The olympiad took place in Greece this year and it targeted students under the age of 15. Students from Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Hertegovina, Cyprus, Greece, Makedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, France and Saudi Arabia have competed. The testing took place for four hours and 30 minutes and the students had to solve 4 problems of elementary level in geometry- numbers theory and algebra.

The Romanian team has won the gold medals. The maximum points that the students were able to get in this competition is 40. The winning students are: Andrei-Theodore Marginean with 40 points from the International IT highschool in Bucharest, Andrei Moldovan with 39 points, from the Number 79 primary school in Bucharest, Vlad-Stefan Vergelea with 37 points, from the IT International highschool in Constanta, Ioana Popescu with 36 points from the European School in Bucharest and Diana Tolu with 36 points from the Eugen Ionescu primary school in Slatina.


source: greatnews






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