Romanian students win the gold medal at the Genius Olympiad in New York

A competition focused on environmental issues has gathered students from all over the world. Romanian students Andrei Gabriel Preda, Victor Suciu and Alexandru Turcanu from the International IT highschool in Bucharest have won the gold medals at the robotics category of the competition. The bronze medals were secured by Raffaelli Ionut Bogdan Ispas and Alexandru Iulian Mocanu at the Science category. The students were coached by professor Faith Akay.

The competition took place between June 11-16 in New York. Over 1200 students from 73 countries have participated. The competition hosted five general disciplines which focused on the environment. The Genius Olympiad had several categories, such as Genius Robotics and a competition which included drones. As well, students can publish their research in the International Journal of High School Research and they can participate in SAT and ESL programs for students.



source: Liceul International de Informatica






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