Ana Maria Popescu wins the silver medal at the World Fencing Championships in China

Another victory for Romanian fencing as Ana Maria Popescu has won the silver medal at the World Fencing competition in Wuxi, China. Popescu has managed to beat several competitors. She has beaten Kanna Oishi from Japan with 15-9, Rosella Flamingo from Italy with 15-8, Dzhoan Feybi Bezhura from Ukraine with 15-9, Olena Krivitska from Ukraine with 15-11 and Courtney Hurley from USA with 14-13.

Popescu has lost the finals with Mara Navarria from Italy with 13-9. Ana Maria Popescu has previously won two bronze medals at the World Championships. As well, she has won two World Titles with the Romanian team in 2010 in Paris and in 2011 in Catania. As well, the Romanian fencing team is amongst the favourites in the China competition.



source: greatnews






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