Romanians win gold, silver and bronze medals at the International Physics Olympiad

A group of Romanian students has won several medals at International Physics Olympiad 2018.

Petru Cotrut, who is currently studying at the International Informatics Highschool in Bucharest has won a gold medal. Sabina Dragoi and Stefan Dolteanu who study at the same high school in Bucharest have won each silver medals and Cosmin Andrei from the IT highschool and Razvan-Mihai Ursu from the Mircea Cel Batran National College in Constanta have won bronze medals.

The 2018 edition of the Physics Olympiad took place in Lisbon, Portugal between July 21-29. Over 400 competitors from 90 countries have participated this year. The Olympiad has been organized since 1967 and its first edition was held in Poland.

source: Romania Jurnal






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