A street in Cluj-Napoca will become the first Smart Street in Romania

A street in Cluj-Napoca that is full of parked cars and suffocated by the traffic will be completely transformed into a smart street. Similar to other European cities, the street will have several useful additions.

The local council has decided to add benches that have chargers, electricity poles with WIFI and several charging stations for electric cars and for electric bikes. Another new smaller road will be added. This will be the first smart street that will be created in Cluj-Napoca. The authorities plan to build many more high tech streets in neighborhoods as well.

Thus, a new street in Marasti neighborhood will be modified to have more space for pedestrians and will have high tech additions. Ovidiu Campean, the coordinator of the project said that besides the electric charging for smartphones, they will also add special street lights that are set on poles which have WIFI which will be available for the public. Moreover, 50 trees will also be planted in the area. The area which is meant for car parking will be reduced.


source: isuu






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