Over 1 million Romanians to participate in World Cleanup Day

Romanians are invited to participate in the largest international clean up. The campaign has been announced by the Let’s do it, Romania! charity.

The initiative will take place under the World Cleanup Day on September 15, 2018. The objective of the campaign is quite ambitious and the organizers are hoping that 5% of the world population will participate. This means 150 countries will join their forces. This is the only way to make a change in our natural resources and the waste we produce. In Romania, the charity is hoping that 1 million volunteers will participate.

Anyone can join by signing up on their website- letdoitromania.ro. The good news is that it does not matter where you live or where you travel as you can choose the area that you wish to clean. Over 1,400 000 volunteers will clean and gather 18 000 tons of waste. The purpose of the charity is not only to bring awareness and clean areas but also to create a tight community of active individuals. So far, 50 companies and 11 institutions have joined the campaign, as well as 56 nongovernmental organizations by signing a memorandum in July.

The areas with waste can be identified with a special application that was created with this purpose- World Cleanup. People who contribute to this waste map can also win prizes such as laptops, smartphones, and trips. So far 1600 places with waste have been placed on the map. Then, the platform will show detailed information about the waste such as what type of waste there is, where it is located and the progress made in handling it.

The first World Cleanup was organized in Estonia in 2008 where 50,000 volunteers have participated in only one day. Romania was the fourth country to organize this campaign. Now the community has 150 countries which organize the day.


source: totb.ro






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