Romanian students, world champions in Robotics

The First Global Challenge has brought us immense success. Romanian students have won five gold medals in different categories of the competition. They have managed to beat many other competitors from 174 countries.

By far the biggest winner was the  RobotX Hunedoara team who won the Einstein Award. Darius Lorinczi, member of the team noted for Digi24 that he was surprised that he received the award as this was given after the winners of the finals were awarded.

The winning team has built the robot in 3 months. Mircea Nistor, the technical coach of the team said:

„ The robot has to be able to pick up objects of different shapes and dimensions and to take them as soon as possible to other places, sometimes even located at a certain height. The whole competition was a metaphor related to energy, it had to supply different electrical units, they could be either solar panels, wind turbines, combustion units or nuclear bases, everything against the clock and against your own competitors.

source: digi24






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