Craiova teacher asks children to donate money instead of bringing flowers on first day of school

On September 15, when school starts students traditionally bring flowers to their teachers. This tradition is respected especially by primary school children.

Anticipating this habit, a teacher from Craiova has asked the children’s parents to not spend their money on flowers but to donate their money towards the building of an Oncology and radiology children’s hospital. The charity called Daruieste viata ( Give life) is working towards raising money for this purpose.

The children have received each a t-shirt for their donation. Elena Ocroteala stated

The joy of the flower bouquet that I receive today is huge and I want to give forward this joy. The parents have donated a sum o money towards happiness.


Each student has donated 70 lei and has received a t-shirt instead and also honorific stocks at the future hospital. Parents were very happy about the teacher’s idea. One of them said

This is a model for the civic community. I was used to bringing flowers, they are beautiful, but in a situation like this, thoughts are much more noble and welcomed.


The hospital needs an overall 8 million euros. So far, the hospital has raised 1 million euros.

source: digi

Charity page







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