Top 15 world famous music videos filmed in Romania

Some Hollywood movies, such as Cold Mountain have been known for being filmed in Romania. We have written previously about other movies that also chose the country as their filming location. However, did you know that there are also some celebrity music videos that you have been watching and you had no idea they were set in Romania? Here are some of them:


  1. The Weeknd- Twenty Eight

The video was directed by Nabil, who also filmed for Kanye, John Legend and Kendrick Lamar. The video also stars Romanian model Laura Giurcanu who has won Next Top Model. The video was filmed in Bucharest and parts of it at the former residence of Ceausescu.


2. Depeche Mode- Peace

The song was filmed in 2009 by French directors Jonas and Francois and it features Romanian actress Maria Dinulescu ( which also starred in California Dreamin’).

3. Hurts- Better than love

British music band Hurts have filmed actually two music videos in Romania: Better than Love in 2010 and Sunday 2011. In Better than love you can see Laura Cosoi and Madalina Ghitescu.


4. John Hopkins- Breathe this air

The British Artist filmed the video in 2013 at the Vidra lake, Valcea county.


5. Reamonn-Million Miles

German band Reamonn has filmed this video in a forest in Romania. The video stars also Romanian actress Madalina Draghici, who starred in the TV series Love and Honour.



6. RBD- Besame sin Miedo

The famous Mexican music band who was conquering all charts at the beginning of 2000 has filmed their video at the Bran castle when they first came to Romania in 2007.


7. Within Temptation- Frozen

Dutch music band has chosen to film at the Moara lui Assan, in Bucharest. The lead singer said that they loved to film here because the atmosphere in Romania is filled with history- the architecture and the landscape. They felt that the music suited to the atmosphere.



8. Kasabian-Empire

The theme of this video is war and Kasabian has filmed it in 2006, near Bucharest. The band said that they felt strange because they filmed on what actually was a former battling ground.


9. Muse- Knights of Cydonia

Muse have filmed parts of their video in Romania, a part in London and some of it in California.

10. Rammstein- Rosenrot

In 2005 the German band went to Fundata, the famously picturesque area near Brasov.

11. Anastacia- Heavy on my heart

You don’t hear much about Anastacia anymore, but in the late 90’s and early 2000, she was in the charts all the time. Anastacia filmed “Heavy on my heart” in Bucharest in 2004. The video has a Christian Andersen them.

12. Evanescence- Bring me to life

The video was directed by Philip Stolzl at Hotel Rembrandt in Bucharest in 2003. The song was included in the Daredevil soundtrack.


13.The Rasmus- In the Shadows

Finish group The Rasmus have filmed 3 videos for their song, however the most popular by far is the one filmed in Bucharest. Directed by Philip Stolzl.

14. Foals- Late Night

The music video was directed by Nabil in Romania in 2013.


15. All Saints- Rock Steady

British girl band All Saints made a come back with Rock Steady a few years ago. The video depicts the music band members robbing a bank.







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