Irish volunteers buy minibus and fill it with goods to be donated to Romanian orphanage

Be The Change, a group of Irish volunteers from Northern Ireland will be driving to Romania in the next few weeks with a minibus filled with all sorts of goods to be donated to an orphanage in Barlad.

The group is known for taking charity challenges each year, such as climbing mountains and running marathons. For example last year they have climbed mountain Toubkal in Morroco in order to raise 4,000 pounds for a local cancer charity.

This year they have chosen to help an orphanage in Romania. They have already raised some money and bought the minibus and they are ready to go on their trip on October 4th. Their route will be Belfast- Rosslare- Cherbourg. They will cross France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. They are hoping to reach Barlad on October 7.

The group is collaborating with a Bolton- based charity called Good News for Romania. The charity is run by Kath and David Richardson, a couple who have been involved in charity work in Romania since the 90’s. Through this charity, the couple has helped poor people with food, clothing, toys and medical equipment. As well, the charity also pays for medical expenses for people who cannot afford it.

The Irish volunteers have managed to fill their minibus with clothing, educational products, and health items. Once they reach their destination they will donate also the minibus to the charity which will use it for trips and for taking children to holiday camps.

You can follow the road trip on Instagram and Twitter.

The group have already chosen their next challenge, which is to raise money for a premature baby charity for Northern Ireland. You can donate here.








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