Romanians living in the UK donate heaters and gifts to Vacarea primary school students

After national newspaper Adevarul has reported the story of Vacarea primary school students and the very poor conditions in which they had to learn, the Romanian diaspora has lent a helping hand.

Adevarul noted that in the village of Vacarea, Gorj county all children have to share one classroom because the other room is filled with firewood. Moreover, children have to wash their hands in a basin, bring water from home and they have to go to an outside toilet. Another issue that the school has faced was that the fireplace that heats the school has broken last winter and needed repair. The teacher was afraid that the fireplace will not be fixed in time for the cold weather or that it might break again so they would need to use alternative heating. This would be a problem as the school has no funding.

After hearing about all these problems, one Romanian man who has lived in the UK for several years has stepped in to help. Marius Simionica has been working as a technician in the field of industrial robotics. He is not unknown to the Romanian community, as he is often involved in charity campaigns and he aims to help Romanians everywhere. He noted that he was said after finding out that children did not have access to running water and that it was cold in the classroom as the fireplace did not heat up the school properly. He contacted the teacher on Facebook who confirmed that everything was true. Although the article was published in the popular national newspaper, nobody offered to help. The teacher noted that they needed an electric heating device.

Marius Simionica raised funds from Romanians living abroad and he traveled to the school with two space heaters and many gifts for the children. The gifts and space heaters were worth £500, all donated by Romanian people.


source: Adevarul







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