Over 3,800 people participate in a reading marathon in Cluj-Napoca

There’s always something happening in Cluj-Napoca. Last week, a reading marathon has gathered thousands of people for a reading session.

Over 3,855 locals have read nonstop for over 10 hours and 20 minutes. Around 10,000 books were distributed amongst the participants. Each book had a certain reading passage highlighted. Participants have read Eminescu’s books.

The event was called “ Marea lectura ( The grand reading) and it was organized within the International Book Festival in Transylvania. The Guinness World Record representatives were present to evaluate if the world record for Most People in a reading relay was achieved.

The number should be enough to break the world record, however, the organizers are waiting for the representatives to evaluate this because some readers might be disqualified if the row was interrupted. The break between readings was supposed to be maximum 10 seconds. The last time this record was achieved was in 2015 by 3071 readers in India.






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