Primary school in Cluj-Napoca covered by beautiful graffiti thanks to 5 street art artists

In the past graffiti was seen as a sign of vandalism, however, these days graffiti is used to beautify some areas. One school in the city of Cluj-Napoca will become much more colorful thanks to a project approved by the city hall. Octavian Goga primary school was chosen from several schools in the city. Before the patining began the principal of the school has viewed the artists’ creations.

International artist Waone Interesni Kazki from Ukraine, who is well known internationally and has been involved in street art since 2004, will create something inspired from fairytales. The other Romanian artists, Ocu and Kero Zen have previously created the Omu Micro Macro Cosmos mural in an industrial space in Cluj. A street art considered the largest in Romania. As well, the artists have painted many tramways which travel through the city. They are also involved in several projects at Herculane spa town.

Another Romanian artist, Irlo has painted several trams in Timisoara and Lost.Optics has experience in post-graffiti art with digital art influences.

The works have started at the school and the principal said that children are very enthusiastic about it and they can barely stop them from disturbing the artists. He said that if children are happy, teachers will be happy.


If the project is successful many other schools will be painted in the future. Cluj-Napoca has taken Sibiu as an example. In the last 4 years over 16 schools were painted in Sibiu during the Sibiu International Street ART Festival. The idea behind it is to inspire students with their messages and to create a debate over the importance of art in the public area.

Meanwhile, another high school in Cluj-Napoca is also getting the street art treatment- Onisifor Ghibu highschool was painted by artist Kero and Ocu. The theme was Romanian personalities.

photos by Dan Bodea



source: transilvaniareporter.








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