Dog protects missing 7-year-old child for 24 hours in the wild

Dogs are a men’s best friend and this has been proved last week when a dog saved a missing child. The dog kept the child company and has warmed him throughout the night.

The 7-year-old child went missing from his house in the evening. This was not the first time the child missing, but every time he went away his relatives found him in the field, close to the house. This time, they could not find the child anywhere. After looking for him for 7 hours, the relatives went to the police.

Around 120 police officers and firefighters along with the locals went out in the fields nearby the village looking for him. They have searched around 2500 hectares of fields and all irrigation channels were searched in detail. A guard has found him in the field with a white dog after 24 hours of searches.

The child has traveled 10 kilometers away from home and has reached the nearby commune called Negoi. It seems that the dog kept him company and also warmed him during the night. Cristian Lula, a police officer stated that he saw him walking and the dog was walking in front of him. The child wanted to enter the village when the office called him. He was scared and wanted to run but the dog went towards the police officer so the boy followed it. The office gave him a t-shirt as the boy was naked and asked him if he was hungry. The child was kept under medical supervision in the hospital for a few days.

source: digi







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