Simona Halep awarded Chris Evert World Number One Trophy

The Chris Evert trophy was given this year to the best woman tennis player in the world, Simona Halep. The Women’s Tennis Association has given her the trophy in honor of Chris Evert because she has been the world number one the second year in a row.

Simona said that she is very happy and honored to receive this award. Who was Christ Evert? She was the first world tennis leader in the history of WTA on November 3rd, 1975 and she has managed to stay this way for 260 weeks, being one of the four tennis players to have the lengthiest careers as a number one leader. Chris has won  18 Grand Slam singles titles and 157 singles titles by the end of her career in 1989. Chris noted that she is honored to have her name on the trophy. She noted that she always dreamt of winning a Grand Slam, but this award means that you have consistent results and many victories. Another tennis player who has received this award is Steffi Graf. She has received it 8 times between 1987-1996.









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