Vienna- Cluj direct train to be introduced next year

Love train trips? You will love this route even more- Vienna-Cluj! Starting 2019 the Austrian railway company OBB will introduce a special train which will go from Viena to Budapest, Oradea and it will reach Cluj Napoca.

The decision to introduce this train was taken due to the liberalization of the transport market in Romania. It is believed that many other private companies will introduce routes in Romania. The Austrian railway network is very organized and over 300 trains cross the country and 150 trains cross its borders to other countries. The trains circulate with a high speed 120km-140 km/hour and their maximum speeds are 220 km/h. The company has also introduced a train between Bratislava and Zurich. Vienna already has direct trains to Prague and Krakow.

The schedule of the train will be:

-Viena (10.42)- Budapest (13.19)- Cluj-Napoca (22.25)

-Cluj-Napoca ( 7.40- Budapest 14.40)- Vienna ( 17.21)

source: digi24








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