Volunteers rebuild widow’s severely damaged house

A woman from Bucovat, Timis county has recently lost her house due to the rain and several volunteers helped build a new house. Florentina Irimescu lived in a tiny house which only had one room. The house was degraded due to the rain and the roof was damaged which had made the house vulnerable to the weather. The woman’s husband died and there was nobody left to repair the house as the woman also suffers from epilepsy. The house did not have any electricity or running water and the fireplace was not functional anymore.

An association called Acasa in Banat has reached out to people to help them rebuild the house. Around 40 volunteers gathered during one weekend to help and they have managed to rebuild the house. The volunteers came from all over the country. They have started to consolidate the walls and the structure, and then they rebuilt the roof. They have also isolated the house so the woman could move in the same day. The volunteers also rebuilt the kitchen and they have placed a new fence, fruit trees and flowers. Overall, it took 12 hours for the volunteers to finish the job.

The volunteers will come back and help the woman with some furniture.


source: casepractice.ro

The associations’ Facebook page: Acasa in Banat







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