Digital company founded by Romanian wins Timmy Award for Best Tech Culture

Facebook, Linkedin, and other digital companies have won this award and this year the Timmy Awards prize for Best Tech Culture category has been given to a digital strategy agency founded by a Romanian.

Digital Authority Partners was founded by Codrin Arsene, a Romanian who has moved to the US 12 years ago. Originally from Targu Bujor, Galati County, Codrin has attended the Chicago Universiy and he also went for a Master’s Degree in Communication Science. Then, he found Digital Authority Partners which now employs people from all over the world, such as Romania, England, and India. The company has won because of their interesting and effective way of employing people. Digital Authority partners does not look at people’s CVs and experiences but instead they prove their suitability for the job by asking them to go through a series of tasks.

Codrin Arsene noted

We want to see how a person handles the day-to-day job of another employee on the team, based on tasks that have been tried in the past.

Codrin said that in the past they have hired people without experience because they have managed to pass the tests. He told Adevarul newspaper that when 400 people applied for the job, only 80 people passed the test and at the end the person who got the job had no experience or education in the field. This person would probably not get the job if she would have gone through the traditional way of applying to jobs.


source: TimmyAwards






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