New Romanian tractor to be launched this year

It has been 15 years since the last Romanian tractor was produced. Now a new completely Romanian tractor will be produced again in Reghin. The tractor was designed and created by the IRUM Reghin engineers. 50 Romanian engineers have worked together in a new center within the Regin factory. 2,65 million euros have been invested in a new center called IFOR ( The Research and Development Centre for Agricultural and Forest equipment) and another 4 million euros have been added by investors.

The tractor will be useful for small and middle farms but will be also useful within large farms for activities where bigger tractors are not needed. It will be sold in Romania and it will also be exported. TAGRO, the name of the tractor will have all the utilities of a modern tractor such as radio guide and air conditioning. The tractor was already tested in Romania and also in Italy and it will be approved by the competent authorities this year. The tractor will cost 34,500 euros and its production will start next year in the spring. IRUM Regin estimated that in the first year they will produce 200 tractors and in 2020 they will produce over 300 tractors.

source: digi









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