Romanian high school receives Entrepreneurial School of 2018 award at TES Awards in Vienna

This year 17 amazing schools from all over Europe were awarded this year and one Romanian school has received the Entrepreneurial School of 2018 award.

The Marmatia technological high school has received the award for the implementation of entrepreneurial educational programmes and for the promotion of an entrepreneurial way of thinking. The schools that received the award were selected for their innovative way of thinking and also for their results, as well as for involving the local businesses, using resources efficiently and training teachers. The Entrepreneurial School (TES) Awards ceremony was held in Vienna.

Caroline Jenner, CEO JA Europe stated that if we want children to be prepared for their future jobs we have to ensure that they will have all the skills that they need. The school, teachers, and family have an essential role in practical knowledge.

The Marmatia Technological highschool from Maramures county aims to become a center for professional training. Most students and teachers are involved in many entrepreneurial activities which have a positive impact on the school.








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