Romanian student wins the silver medal at the International Astrophysics Olympiad in China

Over 200 participants from 39 countries have competed this year at the Astrophysics International Olympiad in China and one Romanian student has managed to win the silver medal.

David Turturean noted that it was one of the biggest competitions he has participated in. The student has managed to travel to Beijing with money raised from donations. This is due to the fact that he was not part of the national team for which the government pays expenses.  The young man has recently also won the gold medal at the Astronomy Olympiad in Sri Lanka, where 82 students from 22 countries have competed. His colleague, Paul Rebenciuc from the same college- Stefan cel Mare national college in Suceava has also won the silver medal in Beijing.

Overall the Romanian team 1 has won one gold medal and four silver medals and the second team has won two silver medals, one bronze medal, and two mentions.


source: greatnews







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