For the first time in Romania: doctors reconstruct destroyed skull of young man

A young man’s life is now changed after a group of Romanian doctors has managed to reconstruct half his skull. This surgery has been a premiere in Romania due to its complexity.

The doctors from the Bacau Emergency Hospital have performed the surgery sucesfully and the young man has managed to even get back to work and live a normal life. According to the young man had a serious motorbike accident, he lost control while driving and hit the back of a truck. The impact was extremely violent and almost half his head was cut off. The young man was in a coma and he was transported to the ER. The doctors did not think he will survive after seeing him. They decided to operate him and after 8 hours of surgery and another month in intensive care, he started a slow recovery.

The doctors said that it was a miracle that no complications appeared and that he probably recovered really well because he is young. After the surgery, another plastic surgeon has helped to protect the brain. This has been done by using skin from the patient to cover the brain substance. The doctor was happy to say that the nose and the eye area were reconstructed as well.

The next stage was the reconstruction of the skull. The doctors have consulted other doctors from different hospitals in Romania, however, nobody has done such a complex surgery before. As well, there is no company in Romania that creates special materials for personalized implants. A company from Belgium has helped the doctors who have sent them a mold. The doctors have used bone cement and they have created a personalized implant that was used on the patient. The surgery lasted 7 hours.

The man recovered and he has returned to his everyday life and job as a shepherd.









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