Romanian project wins the European Social Innovation Competition

The European Commission has awarded Career Bus an award for their work in social entrepreneurship. The awards were called Re: Think Local this year and they recognize projects that aim to develop opportunities for younger generations in local environments.

This year three organizations were awarded and one of them was Career Bus. The organization aims to help young people from rural and urban areas that are affected by unemployment and demographic decline. The organization wants to travel in isolated areas and to help train young people. This concept was developed by Armina Sirbu, founder of Icebreaker, a career orientation community and by Dragos Belduganu, who is head of social engagement at the Values School.

Armina Sirbu says she wanted to offer young people something she did not have when she lived in a small town as a student. She wants to help people find their way in life by coaching them towards a career they want. Each organization has received 50,000 euros in order to develop their entrepreneurship ideas. The other two organizations that have won the prize are Heritage Lab, from Slovenia and Ulisse from Italy.

729 projects were registered to compete and only 30 have reached the semifinals. In the end, ten were selected and three won the award.

source: romania pozitiva






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