Several Romanian students awarded for their outstanding work by the University of Manchester

Several Romanian students who attend the University of Manchester have been awarded for their hard work.  The students were awarded within the Computer Science Undergraduate awards for 2017-1028. The School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester is one of the oldest in the UK. The University has contributed over the year to the development of computing, such as creating the first stored-program computer, the first floating point machine and the first computer to use virtual memory.

The winners and the awards are:

Williams/Kilburn medal for an outstanding final year student

  • Miruna Pislar

Professors’ Prize for the best third year (single honours) student

  • Miruna Pislar

Head of School Award for an outstanding contribution to the life of the School of Computer Science

  • Horia-Mihai Bujanca
  • Sebastian Mararu

Certificate of Excellence, awarded to top 10% of graduating students:

  • Cristian Bodnar
  • Miruna Pislar
  • Vlad Rusu

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award award to students in the top 0.5% of the undergraduate graduating year.

  • Miruna Pislar

Golden Anniversary prizes for excellence in first year studies

  • Andra Popa





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