Romanians invent app that helps you find your lost items and your lost pets!

How stressful is it when you lose something valuable on a trip? It might ruin your whole vacation. Two Romanians have thought about creating an app that will help people find what they’ve lost.

Sorin Puscau and Constantin Manolache decided to create an app after Sorin has lost his wedding band and one of his children’s teddy bear on a vacation. Sorin realized that there is no useful method for finding a lost item. Surely, there are hotels and airports that have a lost and found section but you have little chance of finding your lost item there.

Facebook groups and Craiglist sometimes are like the lottery and you might not get any help. The two Romanians found Traista, a lost and found app that can do much more than that. The app also has a map that shows you shopping deals and special offers at your nearby restaurants. The app also has a chat and allows you to talk to other Traista members. As well, it allows people to connect with the local community if they need to find their missing items and also to discover local places.

The Traista platform will also be useful if you lost your dog or your cat. People would be able to post lost and found pets.


Read more about the app here.








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