Romanian volunteer team wins four medals at international competition for building innovative solar house

We are used to Romanians winning plenty of awards in sports and at the Olympiads, but did you know there are also competitions for charities? This year a Romanian charity has won several awards at the Solar Decathlon competition.

The competition requires charities to design and build an intelligent, solar and friendly house that would be adaptable to the climate of the Middle East. The houses were evaluated in terms of architecture, engineering, construction, communication, sustainability, energetic efficiency, and innovation. EFdeN, the charity that won, develops solar homes with educational and research purposes and its volunteers have worked hard for 2 years to develop a solar house prototype. The EFdeN house is an electric house that has a high degree of comfort and safety and one of the features of the house is that is has a vocal assistant which can activate its systems.

For their invention, the Romanian team has received the gold medal in the Communication competition, one silver medal in the Engineering and Construction competition and one silver medal in the Comfort category, and they have also won the 3rd place in the sustainability category.

Overall, the volunteers have competed with another 14 teams and they ranked the 4th amongst all countries. The teams that have reached the finals were from the US, Australia, France, Italy, Netherlands and several from Asia.

The charity has gathered funds from partnerships with over 100 companies and their project is purely educational and created by Romanian students. The youngest member of the team is 19 and the oldest is 31.

source: romania pozitiva






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