Romanian student named honorary citizen of Seoul

Jackie Chan, Mercedes Benz’s CEO and now Silvia Pencu was made an honorary citizen of Seoul. The 24-year-old student has received this title on November 15 this year.
The award is only given to famous people and to extraordinary people who already have been living in Seoul for 10-20 years. The title is only given if an organization or an institution recommends it. Silvia Pencu was recommended by the Gangdong city hall as she has worked there as an intern. Gangdong is one of Seoul’s districts.
As an intern in Gangdong, Silvia has promoted Romania throughout the Gangdong schools and she has also taught English to children from disadvantaged areas. She has also participated in a motivational panel with the Gangdong mayor where they talked about their dreams and how to achieve them. Silvia has also participated in the KIS G100 Dokdo Summit where she was nominated as the leader of Europe. This summit is very important for Korea because Dokdo is an island that belongs to Korea, although Japan has claimed to belong to them. Promoting Dokdo island represents a symbol of independence for Korea.









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