Christmas Grandchildren volunteers and the elderly come together for Christmas fun

Many people suffer from loneliness, however it’s a harder time for everyone at Christmas. This was the idea behind Grandchildren of Christmas charity event, a project run by the Magic People Association.

The association thought about helping the elderly that are lonely and have a low income. Many people donate gifts, however what matters most is company. Thus, volunteers also spend time with the elderly during this time.

People who live in Care homes throughout Cluj and also Alba county were invited to a shopping centre where they could enjoy magic, dance and carol concerts for Christmas. The elderly also received gifts such as oil, flour, sugar, pasta, and Christmas cake.

Volunteers have gathered and sorted foods and on December 17th children and volunteers have visited care homes in Cluj where they shared gifts and sang carols. Gifts were given to care homes also in the Aries valley.

source: clujlife






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