Sibiu doctors perform successful​ world premiere cardiac surgery

A team of doctors from Sibiu has successfully performed surgery on a handball female player. This is the first time in the world that this type of surgery was done.

The handball player was suffering from a congenital malformation and thanks to the doctors she will be able to continue her career in sports.

The doctors have performed an endoscopic intervention. It was invasive on a minimum level. Thus the 21 year old player has already been already checkout of the hospital and she no longer suffers form complex congenital malformations. The Valcea handball player has already started training. Victor Costache, one of the surgeons noted that

“The girl already started her training and I hope she’ll get to be in the national teams, as she is 21 and she has already played in the European cups and the First league with a complex cardiac malformation and not that I fixed her heart, I hope she will play well. Instead of opening her stern, like it has been done everywhere in the world, we have only made a small video incision under the breast, for 4 centimeters which will allow her now to do anything she wants.”

It was noted that if the doctors operated her in a classic way, she would have had to end her career in sports.

source: pro tv






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