Farcas Stefana: the 26 year old​ woman captain who drives a 30,000 horsepower ship

She is only 26 and she already has already become a commanding officer of the King Ferdinand frigate, a ship that has 30,000 horse power. Farcas Stefana, from Roman is also fight group commanding officer, observing officer and navigation officer. 

She has started  her career at the young age of 14 when she attended the Campulung Moldovenesc Military college. When she was in the 11thgrade she went on a trip where she had the chance of seeing a war ship and she knew then and there that she wanted to be a part of the Marine Forces. Her family was not thrilled about her decision. They thought she will go study maths and IT. However, that trip has changed her mind forever and her life. Her family thought she was too young to travel and work for the military. After taking all the exams and being accepted in the academy her parents accepted her wish. But when they realised she was happy they let her choose her career. She noted that her life in the miliraty was not easy as it is quite restrictive, they are not allowed visits, going out of town or to use their phones.

Farcas Stefana has a tough job. She needs to execute ship maneuvers in conditions such as entering and exiting the ports, transits. Moreover, the has to travel many times and she does not have the freedom of the weekend, like regular 9-5 jobs do. However, she does have the wonderful chance of meeting different cultures and experiencing different traditions. Sometimes she has to be away from home for a long time and this is a sacrifice that she is willing to take.

The King Ferdinand frigate is 150 metres long, it as 4,900 tons, 4 turbines and 30,000 horse power.

source: horoscopulzilei.net






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