Tibi Useriu wins the 6633 Ultra Marathon the 3rd time!

The year started well for Tibi Useriu as he has managed to win the 6633 Ultra-Marathon Arctic for the third time.

He will go down in history for being the only person in the world who has managed to win the marathon three times in a row. The marathon is 618 km long and competitiors have to go through really hars weather conditions. For 7 days, Tibi has walked with his frozen legs through iced roads and frozen rivers. He has finished the course on Friday. He had to go trhough a very harsh stomr on his last day. The competition started with 32 people and 8 have given up on the way. Three of them, Romanians, have given up due to health issues.

Useriu has stated that it was a very difficult marathon. He was frozen and he could barely walk or talk. Every time he reached the control points he was very tired and he could not do anything. During the race he has fallen down on his knees many times but he got up and continued to walk.








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