New start-up: Romanian online theatre for the diaspora

Romanians who move abroad face different challenges, adapting to a new culture, a new life, a new job, and a new language. One particular challenge can be maintaining a cultural connection with the country as there aren’t many cultural events abroad unless you live in a big city. What about if you have children and you want them to know about their cultural roots?

The people behind a new project called E-theatrum have thought about families with children abroad. On October 2018 they have launched a project through which Romanians will be able to watch live theatre. All theatre playes would be played in Romanian by actors. The theatre plays will be adaptations of Romanian children stories. The puppet shows can be viewed on the laptop, smart phones or tablets.

Children will be able to watch stories such as : Fram, the polar bear, Puss in boots, Aladin, the Wicked Fox and others. The project also includes theatre for adults such as : Danila Prepeleac, Marriage proposal, the Immigrants, Look out we’re landing.

source: e-theatrum.








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