Laurentiu Popa, the Rembrandt of Romania

He is more well known abroad than in Romania and he was named ” Rembrand of Romania”. Laurentiu Popa from Galati is one of the few painters who can paint using the technique of chiaroscuro.

The style of chiaroscuro was used by Rembrandt in the 17th century. Laurentiu Popa fell in love with this technique when he was a teenager. He also added a new technique of his own called layer in a layer. Popa has painted over 400 paintings which have been bought by private collectors and they have been exhibited in Romania and abroad. For 6 years Laurentiu Popa has also taught painting in Italy and has led a movement in local painting. As well, he created a Rembrand circle in Galati city and he organizes exhibits of his students every two weeks.

source: digitv







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