The Crafts Village, a special village where you can learn old crafts

Whoever knows how to make and design their own clothes anymore? In the past clothes used to be made of high quality, organic materials and nowadays these type of clothes are hard to find.

This craft is not yet lost, as a couple has opened up a village where you can learn all sorts of crafts, including making your own clothes, just the way they used to do it in the past. Dana and Ion Georgescu have created the Crafts Village ( Satul Mestesugurilor) through which they are trying to promote old Romanian crafts. The couple has moved from Bucharest to Comana with this purpose. Comana is only 3 km from Bucharest. Here the couple, who have given up their corporation jobs have started to teach people traditional crafts. Dana Georgescu noted that they started this project with the Paper Mill and they thought to do something for the community they moved in.

The couple has managed to get old typing machines and now they also make paper by hand. As well, they use old styles of printing and binding books. Thanks to Norwegian Funds, the couple has also built the village. It contains several houses made out of wood in which you can learn crafts.

You would think that perhaps new generations would not find this type of hobby interesting. But Dana said that they sometimes even create beautiful smartphone covers, they are just made by hand. The village also has ceramics and pottery classes, as well as woodworking.

source: digi24








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