Romanian student awarded by Queen Elizabeth

Not many people get to meet the Queen of the United Kingdom and most of them are famous: movie stars, footballers, politicians. A Romanian student though, not only has met the Queen but has also been awarded by her with a medal called the Royal Mint. Cornel Micu, originally from Dolj, who is only 20 years old has received the medal on February 3rd for his outstanding results in school. The young man has been living in the UK for a few years with his parents who both work as medical doctors.

Cornel Micu said that the queen wished him to be the best of the best and to live in the moment. Upon meeting the queen, Evenimentul Zilei reports that Cornel was very excited however the queen was very welcoming, open and pleasant to talk to. The ceremony took place in one of the Sandringham Royal Palace rooms. His whole family was invited.

Cornel Micu has moved to the UK with his family in 2016 and he began studying at the King Edward VII Academy. He only needed to study for a few months to finish highschool. In his last year he needed to prepare himself for the A levels. For this he had to study maths, advanced maths and IT, specializing himself in Artificial Intelligence. He also took an examination in Italian language. After the exams, Cornel was chosen to be awarded for his results. The awards have been given to best students every year since 1864. Cornel had the best results of the 300 students of King Edwards VII Academy. He was chosen to be awarded not only for his results but also for having extracurricular activities, such as volunteering to teach English and Maths.

source: evenimentul zilei








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