Off-duty Romanian police officers save tourists from attacks in Rome

This is the last place you would be afraid to walk on the streets, however a few days ago several tourists found themselves in a desperate situation. Supporters of football teams Lazio and Sevilla have started fighting on Rome’s street and attacking people randomly.

Several tourists who were enjoying their time started to be attacked by football suporters. Two Romanian police officers who were not on duty but were walking to a hotel to visit a friend and saw that the centre of the city was filled with Spanish tourists who came to see the football match.

Suddenly there were a lot of screams and the Romanian police officers went in front of the hotel where they saw 20 people. Several English tourists said that they were attacked by Lazio fans. The police officers locked the tourists in the hotel and went outside to help the Italian police. According to the Romanian Internal Ministry, the street was looking like a battlefield and there were men with bats hitting everyone, including children and women. The Romanian police officers have caught the attackers who were trying to enter a store. The men were then taken by the Italian police. According to Great News, the tourists have thanked the police saying that they saved their family.

source: greatnews






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