72 year old​ man donated his life savings to save babies

Have you ever donated a large sum of money? Most of us would probably think twice before doing this. A man from Aninoasa did not think twice before donating all his life’s savings, 10, 000 euros to the Municipal Hospital in Campulung. The donated money will be used to buy incubators for premature babies.

72 year old Ion Carstoiu has saved money all his life while working as a driver and now he decided to not keep them for bad days but to donate them to a better cause. The man said that his pension is enough and he thought he rather spend the money on children.

The man donated his money as he felt guilty about something he did when he was young. He confessed that he asked his then girlfriend to have an abortion. He has felt guilty since then and he thought of doing a good deed to make up for this. The money will be used to buy two monitors for the intensive care unit and an incubator for the neonatology unit. The man’s neighbors said that he is a kind man as currently he is also caring for a special needs young man.

source: great news








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