Crisan Pop Vlad Adrian wins the Arctic Ultra marathon

The amazing Crisan Pop Vlad Adrian has won the toughest ultramarathon in the world- the Arctic Ultra.

The competition has two races. Crisan Pop Vlad Adrian has won the 193 kilometer one and Tibi Useriu, another Romanian competitor has won the 563 kilometre one earlier this year. Tibi has won the competition for three years in a row.

Crisan Pop Vlad Adrian has finished the Ultra competition on Sunday and the result was posted on the competition;s Facebook page and also on the MagiCamp page. Vlad is a volunteer at the charity and the only reason why he signed up for this difficult marathons to raise money for the children who suffer from cancer. The charity wanted to raise money for 100 scholarships for 100 children from the MagiCamp camp. The scholarships would be 500 lei a month and they would be given all year long.







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