Romanian researchers invent voice recognition software

We have so far fingerprint digital recognition, eye recognition, and face recognition and now researchers work on inventing voice recognition. Romanian researchers from the Horia Hulubeu National Institute for Research Development in Physics and Nuclear Engineering have now developed a software that helps verify people using voice biometrics in Romanian language.

The system was developed together with partners from France and Greece and it is financed by the European Commission. The project called SpeechXRays will use the voice and image of the user to indetify the user on any electronic digital system.

Alexandru Nicolin, one of the researchers noted that fingerprints, face recognition, retina, and DNA are elements that can be used to identify the user. However, these elements do not need calibration and there are many software systems that do this at the moment. The human voice is our most natural attribute but it is harder to use in the biometrical systems due to its large variability.

Nicolin noted that vocal biometry is not about what the user says but how the user says something. It is something like a vocal password which is unique. It is also safer because it is not transferable. The system is set up in Romanian but the researchers will create one in Greek language as well. So far, systems for French, English and Chinese language were created.







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