Romanian pizzeria amongst the best 5 in Europe

Where to eat one of the best pizzas in Europe? Italy, you say? Well, why not Bucharest?

According to a global travel site called Big 7 Travel one of the top five best pizzas in Europe can be found in Bucharest. The website has recently ranked the top 50 pizzerias across Europe for 2019. Every country of the European Union has had one entry and many people have voted ( the site has a large following of 1.5 million people) including a panel of food experts. But the list was not made only thanks to voters. They have also taken into consideration online reviews and blogs.

The Animaletto Pizza Bar staff and customers

The best pizzeria in Europe was considered  L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Naples, then the second one was The Best in Copenhagen, the third was Rudy’s pizza in Manchester and the fourth was Animaletto Pizza Bar in Bucharest. The fifth place was Gustapizza in Florence.

source: romania insider






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