10,000 lives saved in Romania thanks to thousands of blood donors

1500 litres of blood were donated to hospitals in Romania thanks to a campaign in which 35 private companies participated. The campaign called #cei1024 has had 3450 people donating and it is estimated that 10,000 lives were saved.

The campaign’s purpose is to help reduce the major blood deficit in Romania’s hospitals. The campaign has run for the last 3 years and has encouraged private companies throughout Romania to be involved. The mobile team from Bucharest Transfusion centre has helped the campagin together with several other centres in Cluj, Iasi, Constanta, Timisoara and Maramures. Now, companies from 15 counties are participating in the office blood donation sessions.

Alexandru Lapusanu, the co-founder of Zitec, the company behind the campaign noted that there is a lack of blook in Romania’s hospitals and this campaign is hoping to reduce this need. The purpose of the campaign is to save at least 3,000 lives every year thanks to 1024 blood donations. So far, the project seems to be very succesful.

source: romania pozitiva






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