7 in 10 Romanians have donated to charities in the last few years

More and more Romanians are interested in volunteering and donating towards good cases. 7 in 10 Romanians have donated in the last two years, according to research by the Romanian Individual Philantrophy Monitor 2019. The study was made on 1132 respondents between ages 18-60.

Most donations ( that is 86%) tend to go towards local causes, 12 % go towards internal causes and only 2% go to international issues. Moreover, in 70% of cases, people donate spontaneously and only 10% plan and research their donation activity.

People love to donate mostly towards health campaigns and any type of activities that involve children. It is assumed this is the case because of many succesful medical campaigns that have reached a larger percentage of the population. People care to donate to help poor or orphan children. You can see a photo of the research below.

Research shows that more and more Romanians are interested in being involved directly in social causes or donations. As well, many private companies are iterested in philantropy.

source: romania pozitiva.ro






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