Astra museum receives 3 Michelin stars

Romania has many great open air museums and this summer Astra Open Air museum in Sibiu should be on your list as it is recommended by the best guide in the world- the Michelin Guide.

The Michelin Guide rated the museum three stars, stating that

Astra Museum is living proof that investing in museums, when accompanied by professionalism, produces effects not only locally or regionally, but also internationally.

The museum is already popular, as last year more than 600,000 people visited it and the most popular atraction was the Outdoor Museum in Dumbrava Sibiului.

What can you see there? If you love to learn about traditions and Romanian culture and how people used to live you can see plenty of original interior decorations as well as horse carts and other means of transportation. You can see as well how people used to care for their farms, for their wine cellars. You will be able to see small factories and even sheepfolds.

The museum hosts many traditional workshops and events and you can see farm animals walking about.







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