Romania to host the European Conference for Architectural Policies

Over 300 architects from Romania and other countries are expected to attend and debate on solutions over the quality, comfort, and safety of people at this year’s European Conference for Architectural Policies. This is the first time the European Conference is organized in Romania and the event will be live-streamed for all of Europe.

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration and the Architects Order in Romania will hold the “Future Shapers” European Conference for Architecture Politics on June 12 . Some of the discussions will be held in relation to the improvement of the quality of living of Romanian citizens.

Romania has the highest percentage of home-owners in Europe. 96,6% of Romanians either have a flat or a home and this seems to be something normal for countries in this area, according to Eurostat. In comparison, in countries like UK, 67,9 % of people own homes and 82,7% of Spanish people own theirs.

Although most people own their homes, many don’t feel satisfied with the quality of life according to research made by Quality of Life Institute in Romania published in 2018. What people complain about is mostly the lack of utilities and services such as public transport, green areas, schools, and kindergartens. There are also inequalities between the quality of buildings where people with high income live compared to where lower- income individuals live and therefore there are notable differences between the quality of life in rural areas and urban areas.

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