Romanian women celebrated by the American embassy

Romanian women were celebrated at the US Embassy for their courage and leadership in fighting for human rights and for women’s equality.

The awards were established in 2007 by the US deparment of State and since then they have awarded women from around the world in special awards called the State Department’s International Women of Courage Awards.

The embassy has honoured several women. These are: 

Irina Novak-has participated in the Future Leaders Exchange and while she studied in the US for one year she has volunteered in special education classrooms and has helped at an NGO that was working with children in need. She has also organized a conference in Romania that has focused on the challenges women face.

Carmen Dumitrescu– She is an investigative journalist and has many times has written and documented corruption in Romania.

Melania Medeleanu– she is the cofounder of MagiCamp a summer camp where children who fight cancer can have fun, learn and play. She has also founded MagicHome, which is a network of homes and flats in different cities across the country where children who receive treatments for cancer and their families receive accommodation.

Carmen Uscatu and Oana Gheorghiu– They have founded the Give Life Association in order to build a pediatric oncology hospital, which is Romania’s first new hospital in 30 years. The hospital was built thanks to donations coming from 1,800 companies and 260,000 individuals and it was built to treat children suffering from cancer.

Iustina Ionescu and Romanita Iordache– they are legal experts and advocates for LGTBI people.






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