The future is now. 2,000 young people participate in entrepreneurship workshops across the country

2,000 young entrepreneurs have participated in 30 workshops across the country these days and have learnt how to transform a business idea into reality.

The workshops were held in 22 cities and were organized within the Future Makers campaign. Experts have taught young people the steps that they need to take so their business will be successful. They have learned business models and they have learned practical advice.

They have also found out about future trends and how different industries will evolve. 22% of young people that participated in the workshops believe that Digital education and technology is a field that is worth investing into, 21% believe that there should be an investment into opportunities for young people and 20% considered that the environment and recycling field need investment. Ciprian Stanescu, co-founder of Future Makers stated that after talking to over 3,500 young people over the last 2 years and after examining many business models he has a lot of confidence in the new generation.

This is the second edition of the campaign and this time 20,000 euros worth of prizes and mentorship was put forward for 50 select young people who can come up with a practical idea.

If you are 18-29 years old and have a great business idea you can win one of the awards worth 20,000 euros, incubation and mentorship. Sounds good? Great! The deadline is June 3 if you want to apply and all you have to do is to apply to






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